The GRACE consortium held its first official meeting on 31 January 2018.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Organisation of work on the GPGs (templates, terms and definitions, measurement principles calibration of instrument’s and typical results);
  • Discussions regarding proposed stakeholder committee;
  • Involvement in IEC/TC113 committee;
  • Progress report for Month 9;
  • Proposal for mid-term meeting during the Graphene Week 18 conference in San Sebastian, Spain in September; corel video studio ultimate x8
  • Technical presentation on results of the first round of inter-laboratory measurements (van der Pauw, THz-TDS, Microwave, Kelvin probe force microscopy, Raman mapping and Confocal microscopy;
  • Strategy for following experiments and measurements;
  • First results of Electrical Resistance Tomography of graphene samples.