We’re pleased to invite you to the Stakeholder workshop about “In-situ metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities” to present the outputs and products designed and validated by an European consortium in the areas of:

  • in-situ methods for rapid measuring the radioactivity content of materials on a nuclear site
  • a novel automatic measurement system to check whether waste packages are safe for clearance or must be disposed as radioactive waste
  • a sophisticated radioactive waste characterisation system, suitable for use as a waste repository acceptance system for very low, low and intermediate level radioactive waste
  • on-site measurement systems and methods for monitoring the condition
    of radio­active waste repositories, including airborne radioactivity and temperature/strain.

Date and Venue

20th February 2019, Registration opens 8:30 am. Welcome at 9:00 am. Close at 4:00 pm.

CIEMAT Conference Hall and FRMF SuperMum installation at CIEMAT premises (Bldg.38)

Complutense, 40
28040 (Madrid)


To register please contact the local organisers : Virginia.peyres@ciemat.es, jc.saez@ciemat.es