MeterEMI project newsletter available for download

EMPIR project ‘Electromagnetic interference on static electricity meters’ (17NRM02, MeterEMI) aims to develop methods to test the accuracy of smart meters for electricity consumption. The consortium will investigate whether changes are needed to international standards for electricity meter testing. The results will support European and international standards and help to restore consumer confidence in smart meter usage in the light of recent negative publicity about meter errors caused by electromagnetic interference.

The project consortium has published its first newsletter, giving details of the three year project including why the work is needed, its objectives, and progress so far.

Paul Wright from NPL, the Project Coordinator said: “Consumers and energy companies need to have confidence that their electricity meters charge for their energy use properly. Recent findings in the Netherlands have shown large errors on some types of meter in some circumstances.

“This project will study the extent of the problem and check meter errors when they are exposed to interference caused everyday electrical goods. If the problem is shown to be significant, we will develop new testing procedures that will ensure meters are immune to this sort of interference.”