Publications supported by this project:

Dynamics of bad-cavity-enhanced interaction with cold Sr atoms for laser stabilization
S.A. Schäffer, B.T.R. Christensen, M.R. Henriksen, and J.W. Thomsen,
Physical Review A 96, 013847 (2017)

1.5 μm lasers with sub-10 mHz linewidth
D.G. Matei, T. Legero, S. Häfner, C. Grebing, R. Weyrich, W. Zhang, L. Sonderhouse, J.M. Robinson, J. Ye, F. Riehle, and U. Sterr,
Physical Review Letters 118, 263202 (2017)

Absolute frequency measurement of the 2S1/22F7/2 optical clock transition in
171Yb+ with an uncertainty of 4 × 10−16 using a frequency link to international
atomic time

C.F.A. Baynham, R.M. Godun, J.M. Jones, S.A. King, P.B.R. Nisbet-Jones,
F. Baynes, A. Rolland, P.E.G. Baird, K. Bongs, P. Gill and H.S. Margolis,
Journal of Modern Optics 65, 221-227 (2018)

Multiple wavelength stabilization on a single optical cavity using the offset sideband
locking technique

G. Milani, B. Rauf, P. Barbieri, F. Bregolin, M. Pizzocaro, P. Thoumany, F. Levi, and D. Calonico,
Optics Letters 42, 1970 (2017)

Test of Special Relativity Using a Fiber Network of Optical Clocks
P. Delva, J. Lodewyck, S. Bilicki, E. Bookjans, G. Vallet, R. Le Targat, P.-E. Pottie, C. Guerlin, F. Meynadier, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, O. Lopez, A. Amy-Klein, W.-K. Lee, N. Quintin, C. Lisdat, A. Al-Masoudi, S. Dörscher, C. Grebing, G. Grosche, A. Kuhl, S. Raupach, U. Sterr, I. R. Hill, R. Hobson, W. Bowden, J. Kronjäger, G. Marra, A. Rolland, F. N. Baynes, H. S. Margolis, and P. Gill,
Physical Review Letters 118, 221102 (2017)

Dispersive heterodyne probing method for laser frequency stabilization based on spectral hole burning in rare-earth doped crystals
O. Gobron, K. Jung, N. Galland, K. Predehl, R. Le Targat, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, Seidelin, and Y. Le Coq,
Optics Express 25, 15539 (2017)

A noise-immune cavity-assisted non-destructive detection for an optical lattice clock in the quantum regime
G. Vallet, E. Bookjans, U. Eismann, S. Bilicki, R. Le Targat and J. Lodewyck,
New Journal of Physics 19, 083002 (2017)

Auto-Balanced Ramsey Spectroscopy
C. Sanner, N. Huntemann, R. Lange, C. Tamm, and E. Peik,
arXiv1707.02630 (2017)

Fibre-optic delivery of time and frequency to VLBI station
P. Krehlik, Ł. Buczek, J. Kołodziej, M. Lipiński, Ł. Śliwczyński, J. Nawrocki, P. Nogaś, A. Marecki, E. Pazderski, P. Ablewski, M. Bober, R. Ciuryło, A. Cygan, D. Lisak, P. Masłowski, P. Morzyński, M. Zawada, R. M. Campbell, J. Pieczerak, A. Binczewski, and K. Turza,
Astronomy and Astrophysics  603, A48 (2017)

On-line estimation of local oscillator noise and optimisation of servo parameters in atomic clocks
I. D. Leroux, N. Scharnhorst, S. Hannig, J. Kramer, L. Pelzer, M. Stepanova and P. O. Schmidt,
Metrologia 54, 307 (2017)

Absolute frequency determination of molecular transition in the Doppler regime at kHz level of accuracy
K. Bielska, S. Wójtewicz, P. Morzyński, P. Ablewski, A. Cygan, M. Bober, J. Domysławska, M. Zawada, R. Ciuryło, P. Masłowski and D. Lisak,
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 201, 156 (2017)

Experimental constraint on dark matter detection with optical atomic clocks
P. Wcisło, P. Morzyński, M. Bober, A. Cygan, D. Lisak, R. Ciuryło and M. Zawada,
Nature Astronomy 1, 0009 (2016)

Absolute frequency measurement of the 1S03P0 transition of 171Yb
M. Pizzocaro, P. Thoumany, B. Rauf, F. Bregolin, G. Milani, C. Clivati, G. A. Costanzo, F. Levi and D. Calonico,
Metrologia 54, 102 (2017)

Funding statement:
Support has been received from the project EMPIR 15SIB03 OC18.
This project has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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