MetroMMC: Electron-Capture Spectrometry with Cryogenic Calorimeters for Science and Technology
P. C.-O. Ranitzsch, D. Arnold, J. Beyer, L. Bockhorn, J. J. Bonaparte, C. Enss, K. Kossert, S. Kempf, M. Loidl, R. Mariam, O. J. Nähle, M. Paulsen, M. Rodrigues & M. Wegner
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Overview and calculation of X-ray K-shell transition yields for comprehensive data libraries
L. Martins, P. Amaro, S. Pessanha, M. Guerra, J. Machado, M. L. Carvalho, J. P. Santos, P. Indelicato
X‐Ray Spectrometry, 2020; 1– 26

Towards high-precision calculation of electron capture decays
Xavier Mougeot
Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2019; 154, 108884

Improved Source/Absorber Preparation for Radionuclide Spectrometry Based on Low-Temperature Calorimetric Detectors
L. Bockhorn, M. Paulsen, J. Beyer, K. Kossert, M. Loidl, O. J. Nähle, P. C.-O. Ranitzsch, M. Rodrigues
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2019: 1-8

Multiconfiguration Dirac–Fock calculations of Zn K‐shell radiative and nonradiative transitions
L. Martins, P.  Amaro, S. Pessanha, M. Guerra, J. Machado, M. Luisa Carvalho, J. Paulo Santos
X‐Ray Spectrometry, 2020; 49: 192– 199.

Development of a Beta spectrometry setup using metallic magnetic calorimeters
M. Paulsen, J. Beyer, L. Bockhorn, C. Enss, S. Kempf, K. Kossert, M. Loidl, R. Mariam, O. Nähle, P. Ranitzsch
Journal of Instrumentation, 2019, 14, P08012


MetroMMC M9 Publishable Summary