IMBiH, Sarajevo, 22,23 March 2021

note: we have postponed the event to March 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation

IMBiH will host a training course on measurement uncertainty evaluation in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina directed at Western Balkan national metrology institutes, national accreditation bodies, technical auditors and industry stakeholders.

The expertise level required by course delegates is medium and the expected outcome is the gaining of knowledge of uncertainty evaluation methods appropriate to various metrology disciplines. The course will cover the traditional GUM approach to uncertainty evaluation and Monte Carlo and Bayesian methods. 

There will be parallel sessions on uncertainty evaluation for physical and chemical quantities.  Examples developed within the EMUE project will be presented, explained step-by-step and followed by discussion sessions.

A session will be devoted to presentation of examples by course delegates followed by discussion on ways in which the examples can be treated.  A final session will be devoted to conformity assessment and software.

Course presenters will be from IMBiH, INRIM, IPQ, LGC, LNE, NPL, PTB, UKAS and VSL.

A preliminary programme is available here