Joint Symposium on Quantum Interconnects and Metrology, March 2022

The Symposium aims to address the metrology needs of the quantum physical layers for networks, from quantum PICs, quantum grade optical interconnect and passive components and to identify standardisation priorities for quantum interconnect metrology.


This is an online meeting and will take place on Thursday 24th March

Agenda and registration link are available at this weblink:

EQTC 2021, December 2021

The MeTISQ Consortium, in collaboration with the EMN-Q, co-organised the EQTC 2021 Workshop 4.1 – EURAMET support to Quantum Technologies Standardisation  . The Conferene was the 2nd European Quantum Technologies Virtual Conference of the EU Quantum Flagship.

Representatives from EMN-Q, Euramet, EU Quantum Flagship, ETSI ISG-QKD and CEN CENELEC FGQT attended the Workshop.

In this context, the Project Co-ordinator presented an overview of MeTISQ as use case of EMPIR Normative projects in support of Metrology and Standarsation of Quantum Technologies.

The video recording of the full Symposium will be available soon on this webpage.


CIM 2021, September 2021

One paper was presented at the 20th International Metrology Congress, CIM2021, France

“Understanding the influence of dead time, dark counts and pulse frequency”

QCrypt2021, August 2021

Two posters were presented at the 11th International QCrypt (Quantum Cryptography) virtual meeting in August 21.

“Coherent phase fluctuations suppression for real-world twin-field quantum key distribution” – download the poster here.

“Actively-Stabilised Variable-Asymmetry Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for QKD Device Characterisation” – download the poster here.